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Catalyst RCM specializes in revenue cycle management for physician practices. Our comprehensive solutions ensure compliance, efficiency, and maximum reimbursement. We partner with practices to achieve improved revenue growth, while promoting the delivery of quality patient care.

Empowering Physician Practices for Financial Success

Catalyst RCM understands the unique operational needs and financial challenges faced by physician practices in today’s healthcare landscape. With our tailored revenue cycle management solutions, we empower practices of all sizes and specialties to improve and optimize their financial and operational performance.

Customized Support for Single and Multi-Specialty Practices

Whether you’re a single-specialty operation or a multi-specialty practice offering a wide range of integrated services, Catalyst RCM provides customized support to meet your unique needs. Our team works closely with physician leaders and their management teams to optimize revenue streams, improve cash flow, and support the delivery of high quality care. 

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management Services

From enrollment services and insurance verification to claims submission and accounts receivable management, Catalyst RCM offers a full suite of services tailored to your practice. We ensure every aspect of the revenue cycle is optimized for efficiency and accuracy, allowing practices to focus on sustained organizational improvements.

Strategic Insights and Performance Improvement

As a by-product of our end-to-end RCM solution, our services and software provide transparent, comprehensive, and actionable data that is used proactively by our clients to drive more informed, data-driven and strategically focused decision-making. Our analytics platform offers real-time visibility into key performance indicators, enabling practices to drive continuous improvement and practice growth.

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