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Catalyst RCM is dedicated to fostering the operational and financial success of Medical Laboratories.

Streamlined Revenue Cycle Management

Comprehensive revenue cycle management is at the core of our services for medical laboratories. From enrollment services and claims submission to payment posting and denial management, Catalyst RCM streamlines every aspect of the revenue cycle. By leveraging advanced technology and data transparency, we ensure that laboratories realize expected reimbursement, minimize denials, and maintain compliance with regulatory guidelines. Our proactive approach helps laboratories optimize cash flow and achieve long-term financial sustainability.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

An important byproduct of our services is our continual focus on enhancing our client’s laboratory operations to help improve efficiency and productivity. We promote and enhance workflows that streamline organizational tasks seeking to reduce and eliminate manual errors on high-value activities.

Meaningful Client and Patient Engagement

We provide personalized support and transparent communication to our laboratory partners, ensuring that their needs are met and their goals are achieved. Our high touch collaborative approach to the service of our clients, fosters an environment of continuous improvement that drives financial growth and sustainability.

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