Long-term Acute Care


Catalyst RCM provides specialized revenue cycle management solutions for long-term acute care providers. We understand the unique patient acuity of this population, and the importance of appropriate coding and billing of clean claims for maximum reimbursement.

Specialized Revenue Cycle Management for Long-Term Acute Care Providers

Catalyst RCM specializes in supporting long-term acute care providers in managing their revenue cycle effectively. With our in-depth understanding of the unique coding and billing challenges faced by this specialty, we help LTAC facilities optimize revenue while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

Expertise in Coding and Billing for Complex Patients

Long-term acute care facilities often treat medically complex patients who require specialized care and services. Catalyst RCM ensures that every service provided is accurately documented, coded, and billed to maximize reimbursement and minimize denials

Streamlined Processes for Improved Cash Flow

From enrollment services and eligibility verification to claims submission and payment posting, Catalyst RCM streamlines every aspect of the revenue cycle for LTAC providers. We leverage technology and automation for process optimization to improve cash flow, allowing facilities to focus on delivering high-quality care to their patients without worrying about financial disruptions.

Proactive Denial Management and Revenue Recovery

Catalyst RCM employs proactive denial management strategies to identify and address potential issues before they arise. Our team carefully reviews claim denials and underpayments, appeals discrepancies and works diligently to recover revenue owed. 

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