Ambulatory Surgery Centers


Catalyst RCM streamlines revenue management for ambulatory surgery centers. Efficient claims processing and proactive denial management maximize revenue. Empowering ASCs to focus on quality patient care while optimizing financial performance.

Optimizing Revenue Cycle Management for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Catalyst RCM specializes in providing tailored revenue cycle management solutions for ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). With our expertise in coding, billing, and claims management, we help ASCs maximize reimbursement, streamline operations, and achieve financial success.

Comprehensive Support for a Wide Range of Procedures

Catalyst RCM understands the wide range of surgical procedures that can be performed across various medical specialties, and the billing complexities that are associated. Our robust data analytics platform allows for the seamless aggregation of your practice data to drill down into what procedures, providers, and payers among other factors are driving your revenue, and identifies what areas could promote increased revenue in the future.

Efficient Claims Management and Payment Posting

Catalyst RCM simplifies the claims submission process for ASCs, ensuring timely and accurate filing with all major payers. We ensure timely payment posting and reconciliation, verifying that all services provided are reimbursed according to payer contracts. Our efficient claims management processes help ASCs maintain steady cash flow and financial stability.

Proactive Denial Prevention and Resolution

Preventing claim denials is essential for ASCs to maintain cash flow and profitability. Catalyst RCM employs strategic denial prevention strategies through comprehensive coding and claim reviews. In the event of a denial, our team conducts prompt follow-up and necessary appeals procedures to ensure timely resolution of such cases.

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